Summer 2017 Middle School Camps:

Engineering Camp * Entering Grades 6-9 * July 24-28 * 9AM-4PM * $280 * Students will spend a week exploring the many careers available in the field of engineering. Hands-on activities each day will feature bioengineering, chemical, civil, environmental, electrical, industrial manufacturing and mechanical engineering. Students work in labs and classrooms as they design, construct, and test models that focus on sustainable product design and renewable energy.  SCHOLARSHIP FUNDS AVAILABLE FOR THIS CAMP!

Middle School Lego Mindstorms Camp * Entering grades 7-9 * July 31-August 4 * 9AM-NOON * $145 * Develop the skills to program a Lego Mindstorms NXT robot in an environment of cooperation! In small teams, enjoy building together and helping each other become better designers and programmers. Build your skills to a level that will continue to challenge you throughout the week! Classes may have a variety of skill levels from beginning to advanced.

Minecraft: Beaverville Creative Build Team * Entering Grades 7-9 * July 31-August 4 * 1-4 PM * $145 * Ever wonder what it would be like be part a Minecraft build team working on great graphics computers to create those wonderful and inspiring Minecraft builds? Well, now is your chance. The class meets in the OSU Computer Graphics Lab to create something wonderful together in Minecraft. The class starts with a white board design session to brainstorm ideas, develop goals for the build, sketch out what the build will look like and establish design elements. Then using the graphics workstations in the lab everyone picks a piece of the project and starts building. We use a version of world edit build tools to help speed along the process. At the end the class we will have created something wonderful together that looks just like the designs submitted to a build contest. Come learn what it is like to be a professional Minecraft artist.  Note: No personal computers in class; we will provide instructions on how to import the build world to your computer at home.

3D Modeling & Printing Camp * Entering Grades 7-10 * August 7-11 * 9-NOON OR 1-4PM * $145 * 3D printing is a rapidly advancing technology that allows digital objects to emerge into the physical world. It has applications in many fields including medicine, engineering, and even archaeology. In this camp you will learn the methods, materials, and limitations of 3D printing. You will also create, edit, and share your own 3D models. By the end of the camp, you will have prepared an object for printing on a 3D printer and observe it as it comes to life. SCHOLARSHIP FUNDS AVAILABLE FOR THIS CAMP!

Biochemistry Camp * Entering Grades 7-9 * August 7-11 * 9-NOON * $145 * Come learn about the vital and varied roles of proteins in all living things. Students will engage in glowing, explosive, and other exciting hands-on activities to investigate the diverse world of proteins. Activities will include engineering proteins, exploring the insides of proteins, growing protein crystals, and much more! SCHOLARSHIP FUNDS AVAILABLE FOR THIS CAMP!

Computational Biology Camp * Entering Grades 7-9 * August 7-11 * 1-4PM * $145 * Come to the “dry lab” and see how scientists use computers to learn about biology! After all, not all scientific research is done in experimental laboratories. DNA molecules are too small to study with a microscope, but we can see them in detail with the help of computers! In this camp, you’ll get to contribute to the world’s scientific knowledge by playing fun computer games to solve structural puzzles about real RNA and protein molecules. After learning some Python programming by writing text-based games, you’ll have the skills to become “molecular architects” and build proteins by using their genetic codes. You’ll also learn many other ways that computers help scientists solve the world’s mysteries! No prior programming knowledge required. SCHOLARSHIP FUNDS AVAILABLE FOR THIS CAMP!

Wild About Wildlife Camp * Entering Grades 6-9 * August 14-18 * 9AM-Noon (M/Tu/F) & 9-2PM (W/Th) * $165 * Are you a budding biologist wondering about the animals in your backyard? Join biologists from OSU’s Fisheries and Wildlife department to discover the wonders of the natural world! In this camp, students will learn how scientists study wildlife and fisheries both in the lab and in the field. Campers will explore the wetlands, forests, and streams in western Oregon to identify, sample, and learn about native species and habitats. Planned excursions include, but are not limited to, trips to the Hatfield Marine Science Center (HMSC), Oregon Hatchery Research Center (OHRC), and William L. Finley National Wildlife Refuge. During these activities we will discuss species biology, conservation, and management, and factors that shape populations and ecosystems. Note: Camp hours are extended (9am-2pm) on Wednesday and Thursday to accommodate travel to HMSC and OHRC. Drop-off and pick up will be at the OSU campus, but students will travel in OSU vans to natural areas in or near Corvallis and Newport during camp hours. SCHOLARSHIP FUNDS AVAILABLE FOR THIS CAMP!