STEM Academy COVID-19 Camp Protocols and Requirements

The following protocols will be put into place to address the issues of COVID-19 transmission.  If the Oregon Health Authority or OSU issue different guidelines as the spring and summer progress, we will adjust our camp requirements accordingly.

Our Camps:

  • Will require all participants to wear a face mask, unless an individual has a medical condition preventing them from doing so. We must be notified of any medical condition that prevents a participant from wearing a mask well in advance of the camp so that the individual situation can be discussed and there is time to implement an accommodation.
  • Are limited to no more than 20 participants in each camp/cohort (please note some camps may have cohort sizes less than 20).
  • Will take place in a space at least 350 square feet.
  • Will allow for a 6-foot distance between participants.
  • Will have drop off /pick up procedures to minimize contact.
  • Will require guardians/authorized individuals to stay with the participant each day at drop off until they are cleared to enter the camp (see health screening/verification below). The participant and anyone with the participant must be wearing a mask during both drop off and pick up.
  • Will require the same check in procedures in the event that a participant leaves camp (i.e. doctor appointment) and returns to the camp later the same day AND/OR if the participant is attending a different camp in the afternoon.
  • Will keep a daily log of the child’s name, drop off and pick up times, the adult name completing drop off and pick up, adult emergency contact information, temperature checks and health verification (see health screening/verification below), and a record of staff that interacts with the particular camp.
  • Will have spaces/equipment that are disinfected prior to the start of camp each day and in between cohorts. This includes doorknobs, tabletops, keyboards, computers, iPads, chairs, and other equipment used by the participants during their camp activities.
  • Will ensure that Lego kits (or other building kits) will be assigned to only one participant for the entire week and will not be shared with other participants.
  • Other items that need to be shared during camp time, such as robots or microscopes, will be sanitized between participants.
  • Will take each cohort to restrooms on a rotating basis. Bathrooms will be sanitized between cohorts.
  • Will require participants to wash/sanitize their hands prior to entering the camp, before eating, when returning from a lunch or snack break, and during the camp as needed. For example, we realize that participants may blow their nose or sneeze due to reasons other than COVID-19. Participants must be agreeable to wash/sanitize hands if this happens. Soap and water, in addition to hand sanitizer, will be used before eating and after restroom use, unless in limited access situations such as backcountry where soap and water are not available.

STEM Academy Staff:

  • Will be subject to a daily health screening/verification (see details below).
  • Will wear a face covering during camp.
  • Will wash/sanitize hands prior to entering the camp, prior to eating, when returning from a lunch or snack break, and during the camp as needed.

Daily Health Screening/Verification (Participants and Staff):

  • OSU Staff will perform a temperature check on each participant prior to entering the camp. OSU Staff will also have their temperature taken. No staff or participant with a temperature reading above 100.4 degrees will be allowed to enter the camp. Parents must be prepared to take home their child that does not pass the temperature check.
  • Verification will be obtained from guardian each day that the participant has had no known exposure to someone with COVID-19 within the preceding 14 days. Guardians will also verify that their child does not have nor has been exposed to anyone in the last 14 days with the following symptoms not related to allergies or asthma: cough, fever, chills, muscle pain, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, sore throat, new loss of taste or smell, or unexplained diarrhea. Staff will provide this same verification for themselves.
  • Applies to participants only: The guardian will also verify the number they can be reached at that day in the event that their child becomes ill.

Notification/Record Keeping Requirements:

  • In the event that we become aware of a confirmed case of COVID-19 (either student or staff), the Director of STEM Academy will notify the Local Public Health Authority, as well as parents of the participants and all staff working with the camp/cohort.
  • A log will be maintained and kept for at least 4 weeks to assist in contact tracing, if needed.As mentioned in the individual sections above, this log will consist of the record of the child’s name, drop off and pick up times, the adult name completing drop off and pick up, adult emergency contact information, health verification, and a record of staff that interacts with the particular camp.
  • If a participant or staff member has been exposed to COVID-19 or has COVID-19 symptoms, they will be notified that they will not be admitted to camp. The participant or staff member could return to a different camp later in the summer/fall if the participant/staff member meets the Oregon Health Authority’s recommendation to stay at home for 10 days after the illness starts and wait 24 hours after the fever is gone without fever reducing medicine and other COVID-19 symptoms have improved. Symptoms of COVID-19 include cough, fever, chills, muscle pain, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, sore throat, new loss of taste or smell, and diarrhea.
  • In the event of a confirmed case of COVID-19 (either staff or student), activities in that particular camp will cease and the appropriate notifications will be made.The Director of STEM Academy, in conjunction with the Local Public Health Authority and OSU Youth Safety and Compliance, will then determine whether it is safe to resume activities for the remainder of the camp.
  • Report any cluster of illness among the summer camp program staff or students to both the Local Public Health Authority and OSU Youth Safety and Compliance for guidance on necessary steps.

Grade Level Designation

If registering for a school-year program, grade level designation is for the grade in which your child is currently enrolled. For summer, it will be the grade your child will be in the fall.

For example: If it is May and your child is currently in 6th grade, the summer
grade level would be 7th grade.

Online Registration System

To register for any camps, please use our online system by CLICKING HERE. To finalize the registration process, you must click on the green submit button. The payment is due when you register.  You may pay online with credit/debit card or mail a payable check to STEM Academy at OSU. We will provide two weeks for the check to arrive in our office, after which we reserve the right to cancel the registration and open the spot to the next participant.

Our mailing address is:

STEM Academy

Oregon State University

110 Snell Hall

Corvallis, OR 97331

Tuition Assistance

STEM Academy is committed to making it possible for any interested student to participate in camps regardless of his or her financial situation. Up to $290 per term is awarded to qualifying students on a sliding scale, based on family income and circumstances. The application is simple and confidential.

A copy of the tuition assistance form is available to print from the online registration system or by clicking the link below. You are required to submit the form to us via e-mail or through the postal system with the documentation required. Once we process your request, we will contact you with information on how much tuition assistance we can provide to the student.  If you agree to the amount of the scholarship, we will apply it to the registration and the remaining amount to be paid by your family will become due at that time.  When we apply the final payment, you will receive an e-mail receipt.

Please CLICK HERE for the Tuition Assistance Form.

Por favor HAGA CLICK AQUÍ para la Forma de Asistencia Finanaciera

Payment Plans

Should you be experiencing financial difficulties, but are not eligible for the Tuition Assistance, we may be able to set up a payment plan on a case by case basis.  Please contact our office at (541)737-8139 or at [email protected] if you need to discuss this option.

Required Attendance

It is expected that those receiving tuition assistance will attend all sessions of the program they are registered for.  Scholarship money is very limited and we need to ensure that it is being used effectively.  Should a scholarship recipient miss sessions of a program, it may effect their ability to receive additional scholarships in the future.


STEM Academy is for interested and motivated students who are willing and able to participate in class. Please let us know in advance if your student has special learning needs. Our instructors make every attempt to provide a successful learning experience for all students. Disruptive students or students who are unable or unwilling to participate in class will be withdrawn from class. No refund will be given.

Enrollment Procedures

  • You will receive details and directions via email approximately one week before the first class meeting.
  • If you do not receive this information three business days before the class, please call our office at 541-737-8139.
  • If there is insufficient enrollment, the class will be canceled. You will be notified by email or phone and receive a full refund in the mail.

Refund Policy

  • Each class withdrawl is subject to a separate $25.00 non-refundable processing fee.
  • No refund will be issued for withdrawals 10 business days (M - F, excluding holidays) or less before the first class meeting.
  • No refund or credit will be issued if you fail to attend the class.
  • Full refund will be issued if the class is cancelled. It may take up to 6 weeks for you to receive your refund check in the mail.

Gift Certificates

STEM Academy is delighted to offer gift certificates for classes. You can purchase a gift certificate for any amount and apply it toward tuition for any STEM Academy class. For more information, call us at 541-737-8139.

Certificate of Completion

When you complete a STEM Academy class, you will receive a certificate that documents your participation. These certificates can be used for:

  • Portfolios
  • College admission applications
  • Scholarship Applications