2019 High School Summer Camps

Raspberry Pi Camp * Entering Grades 9-12  * June 19 & 20 * 10am-3pm * $120 * Raspberry Pi is a low cost, credit-card sized computer that plugs into a computer monitor or TV, and uses a standard keyboard and mouse. This camp provides a hands-on introduction to the computer hardware, operating system, and applications available on the Pi and use it to explore basic Python programming.

DNA Biology and Bioinformatics Camp (Basic) * Entering Grades 9-12 * July 8-12 * 9AM-NOON * $150 * Did you know that there are millions of DNA building blocks that encode for thousands of genes in the genome of all living organisms? How can scientists possibly study these vast stretches of DNA and genes to find genetic variation, gene function and their responses to signals from the environment? Scientists use biology experiments in a laboratory and perform queries and analyses on computers! This summer we invite you to come and explore the world of modern biology and learn how to examine the complexities of DNA. Through model-building, laboratory experiments and computer analyses – participants will gain basic understanding of biology, genetics, biotechnology and bioinformatics. Students will also learn some basic software programming tricks in the class. No prior programming skills required. 

NW Cyber Camp 2018 * Entering Grades 9-12 * July 15-19 * 8:30AM-4:00PM Monday-Thursday & 8:30AM-2:00PM Friday * $290 ($250 after automatic discount) * Interested in learning more about the exciting field of cybersecurity? Join us for 5 days to know more about how computers work, cyber threats, cybersecurity principles, cyber ethics, basic Windows security policies and tools, Ubuntu terminology and concepts, basic command line security and so much more. This camp is a part of the NW Cyber Camp happening simultaneously across multiple locations in Oregon. The program will include guest speakers with deep experience in cyber security technologies and careers, as well as cyber security educators. The program includes an optional evening networking reception in Willsonville on Thursday including industry sponsors and experts, where students and parents will have a chance to talk one-to-one with local cyber security professionals and businesses.  Note: While the actual cost of the camp is $290, generous donors have provided funds to reduce the camp cost for all participants.  Therefore, an automatic $40 discount will be applied at the time of registration for all participants.  In addition to the discount, there are additional needs-based scholarships funds that can be applied to the remaining $250.

“Blender” Computing Camp * Entering Grades 9-12 * July 22-26 * 9AM-NOON * $150 * Are you in awe of the 3D computer graphics you see in movies, TV shows, and games?  Do you wonder what it takes to do that?  Do you think that you can be creative like that too, if only you could just get started?  Have we got a camp for you!  Blender is a totally awesome software package that allows you to do your own 3D modeling, rendering, and animation.  In this camp, you will use it to learn 3D viewing, moving objects in 3D, creating 3D geometry, coloring, lighting, rendering, and animation.  It’s demanding computer work, but the results will amaze you!  Best of all, Blender is free, so you can keep using it long after the camp is over. This camp will move through subject material quickly and is designed for those students who will enjoy a high-intensity computing experience. Be sure to bring a flash drive! SCHOLARSHIP FUNDS AVAILABLE FOR THIS CAMP!

Processing Camp?? * Entering Grades 9-12 * July 22-25 * 1-4PM * $100 *

NEW: Drones & Lego Robotics Camp * Entering Grades 9-12 * July 29-Aug 2 * 9AM-NOON * $150 * Use the Lego EV3 platform and drones to build and program a Mindstorms EV3 robot in an environment of cooperation! Work in teams to help each other become better designers and programmers and learn about the exciting future of robotics and droning. Camp will accommodate a variety of skill levels, from beginning to advanced. Drones are safe for users of all levels.

Web Design Camp * Entering Grades 9-12  * August 5-9?? * 9AM-NOON * $150 * Desription Coming!