2020 High School Summer Camps

Registration is OPEN! Please go to: https://apps.ideal-logic.com/stemacademy

* Please note: We no longer do program transfers with KidSpirit.

OSU Summer Transportation Institute * Entering Grades 9-12 * July 6-10 * -9AM-4PM * N/C (Lunch Provided) * Have you ever wondered how transportation systems are planned, designed, constructed, operated, and maintained? Are you curious about how disruptive technologies such as connected and automated vehicles, ride sharing, big data analytics, and micro-mobility will change the way people and goods get around? In this camp, students will engage in a wide variety of hands on learning and field trips. Field trips may include a visit to the Yaquina Bay Bridge, site of a $25 million dollar rehabilitation project lead by the ODOT, time in the Driving and Bicycling Simulator Laboratory operating full scale driving, bicycling and heavy vehicles simulators. Hands on activities will include modules on the degradation of driver performance from distracted driving and training on how to generate meaningful outcomes from simple programing tasks. Note: This program has received substantive external funding from FHWA and ODOT and will be offered at no cost to participating students. Acceptance into this camp will depend on their application. The first step will be to complete the online registration for this camp, after which students will submit short answers to a few questions to be considered for acceptance.  The registration link for this camp is https://tinyurl.com/OSU2020STI (this is different from the normal summer camp link). The registration for this camp opens on March 12 at noon.

Web Design Camp * Entering Grades 9-12  * July 13-15 * 9:30AM-3:00PM (sack lunch break outside from 12:00-12:30) * $160 * Web development has come a long way in the past few decades! In this camp you'll be given an introduction into what it takes to build interactive web sites in 2020 and where you might fit in! Do you enjoy art and creativity? Come learn what it means to be a “Front End” developer, focusing on design and user interactions. Would you enjoy diving deep into code to create specialized logic to read a database and power advanced functionality in an app? Come learn about “Back End” developers and how they do what they do. If you want to know about cloud-hosted web sites or apps and how they’re maintained, that's the job of a “Dev Ops” engineer. You can see there are many options in this industry! You’ll hear about them all. Through a review of these three major areas of the industry, some real-world examples, as well as hands-on coding and deployment practice, this camp will offer you the opportunity to see where you can fit into a future in web design and development. Note: Students need to bring their own sack lunch or will go with a staff member to pick up a school district sack lunch delivered to a campus location. NEEDS-BASED SCHOLARSHIP FUNDS AVAILABLE FOR THIS CAMP!

Color Innovation Workshop * Entering Grades 9-12 * July 16 * 1PM-4PM * $80 * Do you want to learn about color trends and forecasting, color symbolism, and color schemes in the design sphere?  People make decisions about purchasing products primarily based on product color. In this hands-on workshop, students will learn and apply color strategies that designers and marketers use to develop and promote products that consumers love.  Students will brainstorm color schemes and apply color theory to develop Mood Boards that focus on color and branding.

NW Cyber Camp 2020 * Entering Grades 9-12 * July 20-24 * 8:30AM-4:00PM Monday-Thursday & 8:30AM-2:00PM Friday * $300 ($250 after automatic discount) * Interested in learning more about the exciting field of cybersecurity? Join us for 5 days to know more about how computers work, cyber threats, cybersecurity principles, cyber ethics, basic Windows security policies and tools, Ubuntu terminology and concepts, basic command line security and so much more. This camp is a part of the NW Cyber Camp happening simultaneously across multiple locations in Oregon. The program will include guest speakers with deep experience in cyber security technologies and careers, as well as cyber security educators. Note: While the actual cost of the camp is $300, camp sponsors have provided funds to reduce the camp cost for all participants.  Therefore, an automatic $50 discount will be applied at the time of registration for all participants.  In addition to the discount, there are additional needs-based scholarships funds that can be applied to the remaining $250.

Science Exploratory Camp * Entering Grades 9-10 * July 27-31 * 9AM-Noon * $160 * Students will explore some of the many fields of science (including biology, chemistry, physics, microbiology, and ecology) and what their studies’ entail. An understanding of each science will be developed through hands-on activities as well as through peer discussions, talks from professionals, and a look into the work environments. Through developing an understanding of these fields, students will be exposed to possible career paths and the daily duties and responsibilities associated with them. Come join the adventure!

ADVANCED NW Cyber Camp 2020 * Entering Grades 9-12 * July 27-31 * 8:30AM-4:00PM Monday-Thursday & 8:30AM-2:00PM Friday * $300 ($250 after automatic discount) * The Advanced NW Cyber Camp will continue with the information and tools that you learned in the NW Cyber Camp. The campers will delve deeper with the graphical user interface and command line tools to harden Linux and Windows operating system. The campers will also explore Cisco networking. This year, the advanced camp will be located in multiple locations. Prerequisites: Must have already attended one of the following events or, a teacher recommendation: NW Cyber Camp, Cyber Patriot Camp, any other organized cyber camp or event that covers basic security concepts. Note: While the actual cost of the camp is $300, camp sponsors have provided funds to reduce the camp cost for all participants.  Therefore, an automatic $50 discount will be applied at the time of registration for all participants.  In addition to the discount, there are additional needs-based scholarships funds that can be applied to the remaining $250.

“Blender” Computing Camp * Entering Grades 9-12 * August 3-7 * 9AM-NOON * $160 * Are you in awe of the 3D computer graphics you see in movies, TV shows, and games?  Do you wonder what it takes to do that?  Do you think that you can be creative like that too, if only you could just get started?  Have we got a camp for you!  Blender is a totally awesome software package that allows you to do your own 3D modeling, rendering, and animation.  In this camp, you will use it to learn 3D viewing, moving objects in 3D, creating 3D geometry, coloring, lighting, rendering, and animation.  It’s demanding computer work, but the results will amaze you!  Best of all, Blender is free, so you can keep using it long after the camp is over. This camp will move through subject material quickly and is designed for those students who will enjoy a high-intensity creative experience. Be sure to bring a flash drive! NEEDS-BASED SCHOLARSHIP FUNDS AVAILABLE FOR THIS CAMP!