2022 High School Summer Camps

Registration for our 2023 Summer Camps will open in March, 2023. Descriptions of our 2022 summer camps are below. Some of these camps may repeat and some may not. Please check back in February for undated information.

  Toxicology Camp

OSU Campus * Entering Grades 9-12 * June 20-21 * 9AM-12PM * $80 * Needs-based scholarships available

What is toxicology? It is the study of how chemicals and substances affect people, animals, and the earth! In this camp, students will explore what it means for a chemical or substance to be "toxic" or "safe." We'll also learn about ways to protect humans and the environment from toxins. Our student scientists will get to conduct their own toxicology experiments and analyze their data. Activities will reflect real-world challenges that scientists in toxicology and environmental chemistry face. We'll be testing chemical effects in yeast, exploring human chemical exposures, extracting DNA, and much more!

  Color Innovation Workshop

OSU Campus * Entering Grades 9-12 * June 23 * 1PM-4PM * $60

Do you want to learn about color trends and forecasting, color symbolism, and color schemes in the design sphere? People make decisions about purchasing products primarily based on product color. In this hands-on workshop, students will learn and apply design concepts and color strategies that designers and marketers use to develop and promote products that consumers love. Students will brainstorm color schemes and apply color theory to develop Mood Boards and Flat Lays that focus on color and branding.

    “Blender” Computing Camp

OSU Campus OR Virtual * Entering Grades 9-12 * June 27-July 1 * 9AM-NOON (OSU Campus) OR 1-4PM (Virtual) * $160 * Needs-based scholarships available

Are you in awe of the 3D computer graphics you see in movies, TV shows, and games?  Do you wonder what it takes to do that?  Do you think that you can be creative like that too, if only you could just get started?  Have we got a camp for you!  Blender is a totally awesome software package that allows you to do your own 3D modeling, rendering, and animation.  In this camp, you will use it to learn 3D viewing, moving objects in 3D, creating 3D geometry, coloring, lighting, rendering, and animation. It’s demanding computer work, but the results will amaze you! Best of all, Blender software is free, so you can keep using it long after the camp is over. This camp will cover a large variety of fun Blender topics and is designed for those students who will enjoy a high-intensity creative experience. Please note: In-Person and Virtual students will be in separate camps at separate times. Virtual students: please go to blender.org and load the Blender software onto your computer and make sure it runs before signing up for this camp.

  Microbiology Camp

OSU Campus (plus travel by bus) * Entering Grades 10-12 * July 11-15 * 10AM-4:30PM * $300 (Lunch Provided) * Needs-based scholarships available

During this week-long immersive science camp high-students will learn about three subfields of microbiology including, Food System Science, Human Health and Disease, and Aquatic Microbiology. Students will conduct microbiology focused laboratory experiments, learn critical science skills, go on field trips, including a day trip to the Oregon coast to visit Hatfield Marine Station, and hear from diverse speakers across the field of microbiology about career avenues and opportunities in science, technology, and education. Not only will we provide this hands-on experience, but we will also host informational sessions where students can learn how to fill out the FAFSA application, how to look for scholarships or research opportunities, as well as discuss non-traditional paths to higher education. The aim of this camp is to provide students with an introduction to microbiological concepts and laboratory techniques relevant to college level curriculum. Possible transportation provided from/to local high schools each day.

  "Processing" Camp

OSU Campus OR Virtual * Entering Grades 9-12 * July 18-20 * 9AM-NOON (OSU Campus) OR 1-4PM (Virtual) * $110 * Needs-based scholarships available

Have you ever wanted to learn to program a computer without a lot of the jargon and buzzwords? Have you especially wanted to use it for loops, swirls, colors, and painting? Well, then, this opportunity is for you! This course is a non-threatening introduction to programming a computer for all-things-visual. We will learn to program in a simple "real language" called Processing (http://www.processing.org). We will use it for both 2D and 3D. We will use it for static pictures, painting, and animation. Programming this way will be fun, creative, and will have a beauty that will surprise you! Please note: In-Person and Virtual students will be in separate camps at separate times. Virtual students: please make sure that you can access Processing on your device by either downloading the software (http://www.processing.org) or by using the online version (https://editor.p5js.org) before signing up for this camp.

  Cybersecurity Camp

OSU Campus * Entering Grades 9-12 * July 18-22 * 1-4PM * $160 * Needs-based scholarships available

Interested in learning more about the exciting field of cybersecurity? Join us for 5 days to be exposed to a wide range of hands-on security related topics, which includes a number of exciting labs and challenges. This camp will include guest speakers with deep experience in cyber security technologies and careers, as well as cyber security educators.

  OSU Summer Transportation Institute

OSU Campus (plus travel by bus) * Entering Grades 9-12 * July 25-29 * 9AM-4PM * No Charge (Lunch Provided)

Have you ever wondered how transportation systems are planned, designed, constructed, operated, and maintained? In this camp, students will engage in a combination of hands-on learning and local field trips that emphasize the importance and breadth of the transportation engineering discipline. Activities, including lunch, will be held between 9 am and 4 pm and will include a local bike tour, drone activity, and design session in which students will have the opportunity to propose solutions to real-world challenges. Field trips will include tours of the Eugene Airport and the OSU Marine Studies Building in Newport, a hands-on evacuation modeling activity, and presentations on topics including transportation resilience, distracted driving, engineering ethics, and emerging modes of transportation. Note: This program has received substantive external funding from FHWA and ODOT and will be offered at no cost to participating students. ONLY Oregon residents are eligible for this camp. Acceptance into this camp will depend on their application. The first step will be to complete the online registration for this camp, after which students will submit short answers to a few questions to be considered for acceptance.