AWSEM = Advocates for Women in Science, Engineering, and Math

What are AWSEM Clubs?

AWSEM Clubs are designed to nurture girls’ interest in STEM by providing a program of hands-on activities paired with female undergraduate students studying STEM. The goal of the clubs is to introduce girls to STEM career fields in which women are traditionally underrepresented. We also seek to change the stereotypical perception that scientists and engineers are male and reinforce that STEM is accessible and open to everyone!*

Undergraduate women studying science and engineering at OSU will lead and mentor the AWSEM club sessions! The focus of this program is on mentoring, rather than in-depth coverage of each topic, due to the varied backgrounds of participants and limited time for each session.

 2021 AWSEM Club for 8th-10th Graders

Dates: Wednesdays, February 3-March 3, 2021

Time: 4:00-5:00pm

Location: ALL Virtual Activities



  • Feb 3: Neuroscience (Virtual); Neuron Structure and Functions: Why Does Gray Matter Matter?

  • Feb 10: Computer Science (Virtual); Tinkercad: Learn How You Can Create Cool 3D Designs on a Computer!

  • Feb 17: Toxicology (Virtual); Yeast: A Model For Toxicity Testing

  • Feb 24: Transportation Engineering (Virtual); Parking Design: Addressing Problems in our Daily Lives

  • March 3: Physics (Virtual); Balloons and Buoyancy: Gas, Diffusion, Motion, and More!

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2021 Participation Requirements

In order to participate in certain activities, you will need to pick up a couple of supplies such as pipe cleaners, or you can arrange to pick up the supplies from us. Additionally, to take part in the Tinkercad activity, you will need to have an iPad or computer with an internet browser; this activity will not work on a phone. You can check that the internet version works on your device at (you do not need to download any software). Also please check that this website works on your device: We will be using this website and other websites for the virtual sessions.

For questions, please call our office (541-737-8139) or email us at [email protected]

*While AWSEM Clubs are designed to nurture girls' interest in STEM, anyone is eligible to apply.  Please contact STEM Academy for more information.