2020 Middle School Fall Camps

To register for any of the camps below, please go to: https://apps.ideal-logic.com/stemacademy

This camp will be virtual/online: Computational Biology Workshop * Entering Grades 7-9 * November 14, 9:00am-3:30pm & November 15, 12:30pm-3:30pm  * $130 * Come to the “dry lab” and see how scientists use computers to learn about biology! After all, not all scientific research is done in experimental laboratories. DNA molecules are too small to study with a microscope, but we can see them in detail with the help of computers! In this camp, you’ll get to contribute to the world’s scientific knowledge by playing fun computer games to solve structural puzzles about real RNA and protein molecules. After learning some Python programming by writing text-based games, you’ll have the skills to become “molecular architects” and build proteins by using their genetic codes. You’ll also learn many other ways that computers help scientists solve the world’s mysteries! No prior programming knowledge required. NEEDS-BASED SCHOLARSHIP FUNDS AVAILABLE FOR THIS CAMP!

2020 Middle School Summer Camps

* Please note: We no longer do program transfers with KidSpirit.

iINVENT Camp! * Entering Grades 6-8 * July 20-24* 9:00am-4:00pm on M-Th; 9:00am-3:00pm on Friday * $300 * iINVENT is an invention camp geared towards Middle School students. iINVENT consists of engineering design challenges, invention projects, and team-building activities. Students will use "Human Centered Design" to create things worth inventing, alongside college mentors in small groups.  In iINVENT, students will be challenged to navigate unique obstacles with Edison robots, create circuits, improve existing designs, market inventions, and document their invention process. Families are strongly encouraged to attend from 2:00-3:00pm on Friday to see what students have created! NEEDS-BASED SCHOLARSHIP FUNDS AVAILABLE FOR THIS CAMP!

This camp will be virtual/online: Uncover the Computational Mystery of Board Games (Level 1) * Entering Grades 6-8 * July 27-31 * 9AM-NOON * $160 * Do you love playing board games with your family and friends? Come uncover the computational mystery of games.  Working and playing with others, you will gain an understanding of core concepts in computer science using well-known board games. You will work with others in the camp exploring concepts, such as representation, algorithms, and computation, by playing and analyzing popular board games, such as tic-tac-toe and connect four. Through these activities you will learn that objects of the physical world can be represented using symbols and the rules of a game represent an algorithm. Delivery of this camp will be through Zoom (supervised by instructors for all 3-hours minus scheduled 10-minute breaks; will include whole group and break-out sessions) and Canvas (for written information and handouts).

This camp will be virtual/online: Uncover the Computational Mystery of Board Games (Level 2) * Entering Grades 6-8 * Aug 3-7 * 9AM-NOON * $160 * Are you curious about how a board game can be programmed for play on a computer? Working with others, you will further your understanding of computer science ideas by expressing well-known board games in a simplified programming language. This curriculum will emphasize how different parts of games closely resemble concepts in programming to provide you and the others in the camp with an understanding of what is needed to express popular board games on a computer. Delivery of this camp will be through Zoom (supervised by instructors for all 3-hours minus scheduled 10-minute breaks; will include whole group and break-out sessions) and Canvas (for written information and handouts). PLEASE NOTE: Level 1 Camp or similar experience strongly recommended before participating in this camp.

"SketchUp" Camp * Entering Grades 6-8 * Aug 3-7 * 1-4PM * $160 * Design the room or house of your dreams using Sketch Up, a simple and easy to use 3D modeling tool. The software allows you to zoom in and out while you use a variety of drawing tools to alter existing 3D objects or create new ones. You will be able to use a variety of shapes, apply textures, and add many other details until your design is complete. Sketch Up is a free program so you can save your work and continue working on it at home!  Be sure to bring a flash drive! No previous technology experience required.

Engineering Camp * Entering Grades 6-8 * August 10-14 * 9AM-4PM * $300 * Students will spend a week exploring many of the disciplines in the field of engineering. Hands-on activities each day may include, but are not limited to: solar cars, chemical reaction cars, reverse engineering, bioenergy, water purification, 3D design & printing, and field trips to various campus facilities! Students will work in both labs and classrooms as they design, construct, and test models that focus on sustainable product design and renewable energy. Note: Students need to bring their own sack lunch.

This camp will conducted entirely outside: Wild About Wildlife Camp * Entering Grades 6-8 * August 18-20 * 9AM-NOON * $120 * Are you a budding biologist wondering about the animals in your backyard? Join biologists from OSU’s Fisheries and Wildlife department to discover the wonders of the natural world! In this camp, students will learn how scientists study wildlife and fisheries both in the lab and in the field. Campers will learn about many different habitats in Western Oregon and observe, identify, and learn about native species that can be found around the OSU Campus. During activities we will discuss species biology, conservation, and management, and factors that shape populations and ecosystems. All of the activities will be conducted outside and will include: plant and animal adaptations, owl pellet dissection, aquatic insects, strawberry DNA extraction, human/animal interaction, nature walk to Irish Bend Cover Bridge, and birding with a local bird expert. Individual supplies will be provided for all students, so there will be no sharing of materials.